What can I say about Lil’ Sid? He was the runt of our liter, but definitely the most mischievous. He was given away to a dear friend at six weeks old, to be a companion for an older Shih Tzu. Poor Gizmo was not too fond of the frisky pup, and showed it by not eating and playing. So Lil’ Sid was returned after two weeks.

Lil’ Sid, who was named after my father, didn’t take long to prove himself as part of the family. He knows he is loved and has a purpose for everyday. He was my husband’s nine-year companion during his illness before he passed. He later became my close companion during my cancer illness last year.

Lil’ Sid became everyone’s favorite little Fox Terrier, or should I say sometimes the little “terror”. He is quite a detective. He once saved us from a house fire. He barked wildly getting our attention to find a burning heating pad that I had accidentally left on all day. No smoke was visible, but he knew something wasn’t quite right and that we were in danger.

He also knows when I’m packing to go to Grandma’s house in the country. He gets so excited when I pick up his leash and barks constantly for at least an hour. He jumps in the car, and immediately rolls down all the windows until I turn the automatic lock on.

Lil’ Sid is now the “topdog”, (only dog) and lives with two cats, Sophie and Fruitbasket. He doesn’t want to share his treats, ball, or “Lamb Chop” toy, but he does love to tease the cats. Needless to say, for the past 13 years and the present, Lil’ Sid keeps our home life exciting. And I really hope he does for many years to come!