Have you ever seen someone crying because they lost a pet and not known how to help?  This is a way you can help. Send them the gift of a Pet Tribute with a Donation.  They will get to write an obituary and heal.  

  • A gift should be useful
  • A gift should be a surprise
  • A gift should be something that lasts

You also need to respect that grief. Two ways to do that are:

  • To listen more, talk less
  • Show empathy

A gift account from PetsLiveOn gives your friend a place to talk more about their pet, and a place to interact with others who are also hurting (members can join our private facebook page).  It is lasting. Your one time gift will last for years and be a beacon of healing for your friend. 

The gift includes a donation in honor of their pet, and that also is healing. A donation all by itself doesn’t give the opportunity to celebrate the life of that lost pet. 

Thank you for being a caring person who wants to support your friends.  We applaud your generosity.

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