My husband knew I had wanted a retired greyhound for a long time, so one Valentine’s Day he surprised me with an approved adoption application.  We made our first trip to the MSGAO kennel, and picked out at least a handful of dogs that we felt drawn to.  Vicki Cohen, the resident greyhound guru, suggested we bring our other dogs in to see how they’d get along with the greyhounds we’d picked before we made any final decisions.  

We arrived with our two small dogs, and one-at-a-time, our favorite greys were brought into the front room.  Each one was a solid “NO”, based on their interactions with our dachshund Sofie.   We went outside to take a break, and Vicki came out with Romi, who completely ignored our small dogs.  She said “I think she’s the one!”, and she was right.  

What a sweet, wonderful girl Romi has been.  The next 8 years I got to spend with her brought so much joy and love.   Many trips to MSGAO’s kennel and Southland have been made for various events and fundraisers over the years, and many new friends have been made, both humans and doggies.  

Romi developed a soft tissue sarcoma, which we had removed and tested.  It grew back larger than before, and spread to her spine very aggressively.   Since she was older, we opted for no more surgeries.  Her quality of life was pretty good until the last couple of weeks, when she slowly lost mobility in her back legs.  She also was taking multiple medications for pain, which didn’t seem to have enough affect.   To let her go was an excruciating decision to make, and our family misses her so much.   That being said, I would do it all again.

Thanks to MSGAO for leading Romi to me.  Thank you Romi for all the love you gave.