Somehow I deleted last night’s post about Basil crossing Rainbow Bridge this morning. Thank you all for the sweet comments, wish I could read them again. You will have to tolerate photos of Basil for a few days. Audrea Taylor’s youngest Carley Grace always felt Basil needed to be covered up and warm! Basil loved the kids visiting….always meant a snack for him. A little lost without the dog who controlled my life. Proud of the work we did for cancer research. Thanks to all the greats for their love and devotion to the B-man.

Cancer Resarch

Basil had a large tumor on the outside.  He was a live test subject in the research of a University of Tennessee post-graduate student who studied the effects of Ion water therapy on cancerous growths. She also studied Ion water therapy on other health issues, but we used this therapy to gauge whether or not the Ion water therapy decreased the tumor. It did!  We have verifiable results of the successful use of the therapy. While it did not save Basil, we hope that this research will be used to help people (and pets) in the future fight cancer.