Chief Innovation Officer & Co-founder

Where do you live?
Currently I live in Memphis, TN, and I like it.  I like the history. I like knowing that many famous musicians started here. I like being where change is happening. I like the Mighty Mississippi that teaches us constantly that humans do not control the world. And I like the many excellent people that I know here.

I consider myself a child of the world. I’m an Army Brat and grew up in many interesting and wonderful places.

Why are you involved in
I saw how hurting people would post the obituaries of their pets on Facebook, and it would scroll down and be lost. That just didn’t seem right to me.

Do you have any pets now? Tell us about them?
We have two Greyhounds. They are BIG DOGS. Maybe like horses. They are retired racers. They have been loved and well treated their entire lives and have fit right into our home. Zoe has my husband as her pet and Zeke has adopted me.

What have you done in the past that has brought you to this point?
I’ve been a business owner and graphic artist for many years. I also really like helping people. Helping people is my number one motivator.

Who is your role model?
I guess it has to be Zig Ziglar. At age 30 I was a college dropout earning $500.00 a month for full time work. I had two small children, and big dreams. But I had let life push me around and I didn’t believe I could get anywhere. Then I found a tape set of Zig Ziglar’s at the public library. I listened to it at least 80 times. Around the time I reached 75 listens I started to think that MAYBE I could go back and finish college. Then around listen 80, I did it. I eventually had to return the tapes to the library, but the beautiful work in my brain and heart had begun.

Do you have a quote that describes how you see the world?
Life Is Good.